Introducing New GNBCC Business Member, Agricultural Resource Corps Ltd


Introducing New GNBCC Business Member, Agricultural Resource Corps Ltd

Name of organization: Agricultural Resource Corps Limited

Mission: Resourcing the players and actors in the agricultural value chain for agriculture and rural development.

Vision: To ensure food and nutritional security in all the forgotten corners of the world

About Us:

We strive to resource the players and actors in the agricultural value chain. We develop strategies and steer the affairs of all the food crops and animal production programmes as a significant aspect of sustainable agriculture and rural development by making well informed policies recommendations that stimulate development and economic growth among farmers and all actors or players in the agricultural value chain.

We have also been at the leading edge of developing methods to spread agro ecological farming practices, farmer innovation, farmer-to-farmer extension, community health, and strengthening local farmer based organizations to lead their own development processes. This enables us to foster strong relationships between agricultural research institutions, extension bodies and farmers.

Again, we play an important role in tackling the systemic causes of poverty among farmers, because we give farmers (both men and women) a legitimate voice in shaping pro-poor rural policies. By articulating farmers’ interests to public and private institutions, we encourage those institutions to tailor their strategies, products, and services to farmers’ needs. Given a supportive policy framework, we are able to drive balanced social and economic development.

In addition, we help small farm holders to generate more income in a number of ways such as using better breeds of livestock, better cultivation techniques and improved seeds, reducing mortality among livestocks,  reducing postharvest losses, and having better access to markets.



Mailing Address

P.O.Box OD.76,

Odorkor, Accra

Ghana, West Africa




Telephone Numbers

(+233) 598 –674242

(+233) 262 –887745

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