CediManager- bringing Ghana’s Capital Market to your fingertips


With most investment firms situated in Ghana's capital, Accra, millions in other parts of the country are disconnected from the financial system and its numerous opportunities. The cumbersome investment process, coupled with the lack of transparency and security with investment firms, steers many, who may even have access to investment firms, off the investing path.

Ghana's capital market is endowed with attractive investment opportunities that remain untapped. Although Collective Investment Schemes are gaining traction, patronage remains low. This narrative can be attributed to the high level of financial illiteracy and the lack of trust in financial institutions owing to the recent financial sector crisis. To significantly contribute to financial inclusion in Ghana and Africa, Fincap Securities, a broker-dealer investment boutique, created and launched CediManager to make investing fast, safe, and straightforward for everyone, irrespective of their geographical location. This user-friendly fintech application brings the fixed-income government securities market to the fingertips of investors on their mobile devices.

CediManager rides on the high penetration rate of internet services and the use of mobile technology to bridge the gap between excess public funds and the exciting investments Ghana's capital market provides. With any mobile device and access to the internet, investors can purchase treasury bills, cocoa bills, government notes and bonds at the best interest rates on the market. Investors also have access to a real-time dashboard to monitor their investment portfolio, taking away the need to wait for quarterly or annual financial statements to know the performance of their assets. The security of investors' assets is also guaranteed as securities are safely kept with the Central Securities Depository (CSD), a subsidiary of the Bank of Ghana.

CediManager puts the convenience, transparency, and security in investing and educates clients on investment opportunities in the bargain. With a few clicks and the tap of a few buttons, individuals, including foreigners, can invest in fixed-income government of Ghana securities to grow their wealth.

CediManager, making money work!

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