The Intercultural Competence Training


Do you ever wonder what is going on in the heads of colleagues,  managers, or employees? Wondering how to get your message across? Or possibly how  you’d like to approach a potential partner, a government agency, even a whole new market on another continent?

What is the deeper embedded logic within your own and another culture?

What are the unconscious expectations and how could you improve your communication, negotiation, or the way you motivate people?

 While working across cultures, cultural competence is indispensable. That is why GNBCC  brings  you a comprehensive training on Intercultural Competence happening on the 28th April, 2023 with a Dutch Certified Consultant from Hofstede Insight, Alette Vonk.

The importance, benefits and challenges of cross-culture is usually underestimated, but statistics show that diverse teams (in nationality) are 35% more likely to outperform their industry peers, but only if the team is well managed. On the other hand, 70 % of the international ventures that fail are due to cultural differences. And up to 68% of foreign job placements fail due to cultural issues.

Culture is very powerful and spending time on it is both useful as well as fun and fascinating. Knowledge is necessary for every person working across cultures; no matter their culture or job position.

The course will provide;

  1. cutting edge cultural knowledge about these drivers, for the Netherlands and Ghana. 
  2. serious gaming on how to manage diversity 
  3. creative interaction with practical cases from the trainer as well as the participants

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About the trainer:
Alette Vonk  is from the Netherlands and has lived in West-Africa for ten years (Cameroon, Benin, Ghana). Alette is a certified consultant for Hofstede Insights since 2012 and has given much training on Intercultural Management concerning the African-European collaboration. She’s also a lecturer in Intercultural Management at Leiden University in the Netherlands.




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