Introducing New GNBCC Member: Fountain Fleet Solutions (FFS)


Introducing New GNBCC Member: Fountain Fleet Solutions (FFS)

We are pleased to officially introduce you to our New Member, Fountain Fleet Solutions. Hereby below, a brief company profile about the company.

Hey there! We created Fountain Fleet Solutions Limited to help you with all your fleet management needs. With everyone else providing pockets of fleet management solutions, we discovered people required a one-stop shop for all fleet-related problems. We will provide customized solutions to manage your fleet efficiently and safely.

We understand fleet safety should not be a luxury but a necessity for every employer. Every employer has a moral, legal, and financial obligation to ensure their workers are safe by reducing or controlling risks in the work environment, both on-the-job and off-the-job. You deserve more than tailor-made services; you deserve impeccable service delivery, which means we will meet your expectations promptly.


We will help you help with the following:

  • GPS Tracking
  • Accident Management
  • Vehicle Acquisition
  • Vehicle Rentals
  • Vehicle Asset Financing
  • Safety Management Cycle
  • Fleet Safety Management (Vehicle and Driver Safety Training/Management)


Look no further! Our experienced consultants are here to help streamline your fleet operations and save you time and money.


Get your free consultation now and join the revolution.



Phone: +233 55 559 5632

              +233 20 834 1713



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