Introducing New GNBCC Member: Green Energy Ghana


Introducing New GNBCC Member: Green Energy Ghana

We are pleased to officially introduce you to our New Member, Green Energy Ghana Hereby below, a brief company profile about the company.


Green Energy Ghana is a waste management company focused on organic compost & waste water treatment.

Green Energy Ghana’s mission is to turn waste into value. In doing this we aim to improve the living conditions of all farmers, businesses and individuals engaged in the waste-to-value chain in the communities in which we are active.  

We focus on transforming organic waste into high-quality organic fertilizers that farmers can use to increase their crop yield and improve soil structure. Our Green Organic Fertilizer is crafted to help farmers obtain both short-term and long-term results.  

In our future waste water treatment plant we will transform waste-water from the surrounding areas into clean water and bio-gas which we will use to make electricity for our site.

Green Energy Ghana is committed to health, safety, environment, and forestry development to enrich the quality of community life. We strive to become a fully circular company, and continually review various schemes to conserve energy and resources. 

We strive to foster a culture of trust, openness and mutual concern, while achieving a stimulating and rewarding experience for all involved. By working together with local stakeholders to source raw organic material we aim to achieve a ‘win-win’ for everyone involved in the waste-to-value chain. 


Green Energy Ghana is located at:

Off Nsawam - Suhum Road, Kumasi Highway Obregyimah No. 2 | Ghana

P.O.Box NW 604 | Nsawam Eastern region Ghana

Coordinates: 5.882278, -0.379288



Contact information

Websites:  /


Telephone: 0208735697 / 0244915504

Facebooks: Green Energy Ghana ( / Gml Green Energy (

Instagram: greenenergyghana (

Twitter: @GreenenergyGHA (

TikTok: @greenorganicfertilizer (


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