YEP InterVision Weekend-Tracy Mensah and Jemima Rockson


YEP InterVision Weekend-Tracy Mensah and Jemima Rockson

From 16th March to 19th March 2023, Jemima Rockson and Tracy Mensah, who are both Project Managers at GNBCC and participants of the Young Expert Programme (YEP), travelled to Ethiopia to join other participants for  the YEP Peer Coaching Weekend.

The mission of the YEP Programme  is to create a young, renewed, inspiring international network and to build expertise in the different fields, but in their case,  Agrofood. Through their YEP position they are able to contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals and also be of added value to the GNBCC.

The YEP Peer Coaching Weekend was organized by YEPpers in Ethiopia. During this weekend several YEPpers from around Africa came together and participated in several activities that allowed for networking opportunities and knowledge sharing. They paid a visit to two farms in Addis Ababa and afterwards met with the Dutch ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Henk Jan Bakker. He shared a bit more about the strategic plans of the embassy in Ethiopia which are primarily centered around the water sector.

They also experienced  some personal development training, which is also a very important aspect of the YEP Programme. The training was facilitated by Meskerem Niesette Rietmeester who is a YEP alumni and an Ethiopian diasporan who grew up in the Netherlands but relocated to Ethiopia where she now lives with her husband and kids.

Overall Tracy and Jemima look back on a very inspiring and successful trip and are grateful for the opportunity to be part of the YEP Programmes.

 For more information about this programme visit the YEP Website

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