Interview with GNBCC Board Member: Dr. Kweku Ainuson from AB Lexmall


Interview with GNBCC Board Member: Dr. Kweku Ainuson from AB Lexmall

On the 20th of April, Jemima Rockson, Project Manager at GNBCC paid a visit to GNBCC Board Member Dr. Kweku Ainuson, Partner at AB Lexmall & Associates.

Dr. Ainuson is a husband and father and apart from being a fulltime lawyer, he is also a senior lecturer at the University of Ghana, School of Law. He started lecturing as an Assistant Professor back in 2009, in South Carolina and Mississippi state in the United States. After ten years of studying and lecturing in the States, he returned back to Ghana.

Dr. Ainuson believes in ‘getting the work done’ with no excuses. Nonetheless he finds it important to create a congenial atmosphere at the office. To him, everyone at work is a colleague and everyone is important. As such, everyone must be treated with dignity and respect.

AB Lexmall & Associates is a commercial law firm. In terms of portfolio they can be described as being divided into two main areas: business/commercial practice (business advisory, company secretarial work, HR support) and commercial litigation (employment litigation, company law, shareholder dispute). Their clients cut across various sectors such as aviation, pharmaceutical, energy, natural resources, service provision and so on. At AB Lexmall they understand that clients are busy business people and therefore they make sure to be very accessible to clients whether that means meeting virtually or going to their clients instead of their clients coming to them.

Having been a member of GNBCC for a while, Dr. Ainuson decided to also join as a board member. He has seen the great opportunities and the expansive network that GNBCC provides and he thought it fair to also give back and help grow the organization. He sees it as an opportunity to serve. What he enjoys most about being a board member are the good board dynamics and infectious passion. It’s beautiful to see how passionate the members are about executing plans for GNBCC without getting paid for it.

For more information about AB Lexmall & Associates you can contact them at 0302 967 263/025 700 9998 or visit them at .


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