Webinar by Invest International on Financial Solutions for Dutch Companies in Ghana


Webinar by Invest International on Financial Solutions for Dutch Companies in Ghana

On Tuesday the 30th of May at 9.30 AM, Invest International together with GNBCC are organizing a webinar about financing opportunities for Dutch companies in Ghana using Dutch state financing.

Through Invest International, Dutch companies in Ghana can benefit from Dutch State funding. Several companies like Iribov, Paix, Delft Imaging, the GoodRoll and Kumasi Juice already received funding because commercial financiers were unable to provide suitable financing. The Dutch state also provided guarantees to banks to finance Dutch companies in Ghana to make financing risks acceptable.

Please find attached the PDF of the cases from these companies 

Financial institutions or banks are not always able to finance investments in -or exports to- Ghana because there is limited grip on assets and cashflows. Moreover the country and political risks are considered high. Through Invest International, the Dutch government facilitates financing for higher country and market risks than usual. Moreover it can customize the financing structure to the needs of the company.

In terms of scope, Invest International can facilitate Dutch linked companies in each state of maturity; from start-up to scale-up and also in phases of expansion or diversification. Financial products include term loans, export financing (supplier and buyer credits), import financing, mezzanine and equity. Ticket sizes vary from EUR 500k to EUR 25mln for regular companies, but can be lower for start-ups.

Invest International’s state funding serves a social interest and contributes Climate Action (SDG 13) and Sustainable Job creation (SDG 8). It primarily encourages companies to lower pressure on natural resources and to create decent jobs. Moreover, Invest International seeks to finance companies which (in)directly benefit the Dutch economy. 

All interested GNBCC members who wish to get acquainted with the financial solutions of Invest international should please register for the session by sending an email to Jemima at jemima@gnbcc.net.

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