Interview with Mr. Kofi Polley, New Board Chairman of GNBCC and COO of PPT


Interview with Mr. Kofi Polley, New Board Chairman of GNBCC and COO of PPT

In an interview held on Tuesday, August 23rd, 2023, Jemima Rockson and Grace Agorigo from GNBCC sat down with Mr. Kofi Polley, the current Board Chair of Ghana Netherlands Business and Culture Council (GNBCC) and the COO of People's Pension Trust (PPT). The conversation spanned across various facets of his life, from his personal interests to his impressive professional journey, and his valuable association with GNBCC. Here is a breakdown of our engaging discussion

Mr. Polley’s Personal Life and Interest

Behind the executive title and impressive credentials, Mr. Polley is a passionate football aficionado. While he passionately supports Accra Hearts of Oak in Ghana, his heart spans across the globe, rooting for teams like Arsenal in the UK, Bayern Munich in Germany and Ajax in the Netherlands. The love for football initially held sentimental value for Mr. Polley, but it gradually transformed into a profound lesson in leadership. He shared that in the world of football, players rally around the leader, not just the team—a principle he believes translates seamlessly into organizational leadership. This philosophy underscores the crucial role leaders’ play in driving team and organizational success.

However, beyond the world of football, Mr. Polley is a dedicated family man with three beautiful daughters, epitomizing the balance between professional success and personal fulfillment.

Mr. Polley's Professional Journey

Mr. Polley's professional journey is nothing short of remarkable. With over two decades in the pension business, he embarked on this path following a scholarship from the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, Netherlands. Returning to Ghana, he joined the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT), where he played a crucial role in a team of three to develop a pension package for package for the informal sector, which led to his appointment as the General Manager of the Informal Sector at SSNIT.

Venturing into financial services for a brief period for a change, Mr. Polley's expertise eventually drew him back to pensions. In 2017, he assumed the role of Chief Business Development Manager at People's Pension Trust (PPT) and now holds the position of COO. His wealth of experience serves as a testament to his dedication to the pension sector's growth and development.

Mr. Polley's Journey with GNBCC

Mr. Polley's affiliation with GNBCC commenced through People's Pension Trust, thanks to the guidance of the late Mr. Samuel Bediako Waterberg. Impressed by GNBCC's distinctive approach as a chamber of commerce, Mr. Polley joined as a board member in September 2021 during an online AGM, where he was voted in as a new Board Member. After his Predecessor, Cindy Noordemeer stepped down during our last AGM on the 6th July 2023 after 4 years of dedicated service to the board, Mr. Polley was voted in by the board members as the new Board Chair.

Reflecting on his time as a board member, Mr. Polley describes it as an eye-opening experience, characterized by a steep learning curve. Little did he anticipate that his journey would lead to being chosen as the Board Chair. Expressing gratitude for his predecessor, Cindy Noordemeer, he commended her dedicated service and vision.

Mr. Polley's Vision as Board Chair

As the new Board Chair, Mr. Polley envisions strengthening teamwork and collaboration among board members. Drawing inspiration from the accomplishments of his predecessor, Cindy Noordemeer, he is committed to fostering a sense of involvement and engagement among GNBCC members.

Final Message to GNBCC Members and Friends

For Mr. Polley, People's Pension Trust is not just a corporate trustee; it is a bridge to personal and national development. He stressed the significance of investing in health, financial, and social capital as fundamental pillars of a secure retirement. He also emphasized the psychology of retirement, urging individuals to contemplate retirement from the very start of their careers. Highlighting the broader implications, he noted that pensions are not only a long-term investment but also contribute to a nation's development and reduction in dependency.

To all GNBCC Members and friends, PPT is happy to offer free educational sessions on pension planning to employees and individuals alike. Interested members can visit their website at or call 030-273-8242, WhatsApp +233 508 938 303 or send an email to for more information.



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