Press release: The GrainBank project in Northern Ghana


Press release: The GrainBank project in Northern Ghana

 PIHG has signed an agreement with Agro Enterprise Development Company (“AEDC”) to develop sustainable projects in Africa.

The PIHG and AEDC teams will use their networks and experience to develop agricultural and fintech projects, agro-industrial parks and sustainable smart communities, and related infrastructure and services. The overall aim of the partnership is to develop sustainable projects that add value, foster agricultural innovation, economic transformation, skills and wealth enhancement in the communities they are based, reduce environmental destruction and food insecurity and poverty, as well as providing attractive returns to investors and funders.

Nadia Zeine, a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience as an agri-entrepreneur, is the Founder CEO of AEDC. She has expertise in agri-markets, project development, economic revitalization, branding and marketing. She will be primarily in charge of identifying and managing the projects on the ground in Africa, and coordinating with international industry partners.

PIHG will focus on structuring the project and financing, including carbon credits, tokenization and more traditional sources of funding, and identifying and working with international partners.

Work has already begun on the first project, development of a US$500 million commercial grain project in Ghana. The project involves producing, processing and distributing high-quality maize and soybeans to industrial grain users, using advanced processes and technologies to increase yields, quality and profits. The project will create thousands of jobs, a significant percentage of which will be for women; will increase wealth and skills in the local community; and reduce Ghana’s need to import food, improving its foreign exchange position and reducing food security issues.

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