Introducing GNBCC New Member:Yepafrica Ghana


Introducing GNBCC New Member:Yepafrica Ghana

Yepafrica Ghana is a franchise of Yepafrica Foundation, The Netherlands, with a shared goal of empowering Ghanaian youth, reducing unemployment, and fostering self-sufficiency. Their joint efforts aim to make a positive impact on the lives of young individuals in Ghana.

At the opened centres we aim to train annually 300 youths in the age group  17 - 35 of which 150 for the Agro-Food sector and the clean cooking sector.

In Ghana 14 youths have been trained in 2023 this year out of which 5 youth have been selected for a (trainers) position in the organisation. The Operational manager and a Program manager for the Learning Centre have also been selected out of this group. The 5 young Yeppers have now trained a new batch of 15 young people on Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, and are ready to conduct last training for the year 2023 in December first week with another 15 youth.

Yepafrica Ghana, aspire to develop 10 learning Centres of which 5 in Ghana, 4 in Senegal and 1 in Gambia. Our policy is that all our Learning Centres will be managed by the next generation. YOUTH IS THE CHANGE.

Key features of Yepafrica Learning Centres:

  • Yepafrica aims to provide young people with a future perspective. After the success in Gambia and Senegal, a learning centre is currently being set up in Accra, aimed at the empowerment and entrepreneurship of young people through various skills training programmes.
  • In the learning centre in Accra, we train young people to start their own business or get a job.
  • The trainings lead to young people who have the drive & skills to successfully start a business or successfully get a job in. During the training, young people work on their personal & business plan to eventually become successful in these sectors
  • Training young people in both sectors (either focused on food production or processing) directly contributes to fighting hunger and malnutrition in the region. Also, the fact that after the trainings the youth are mostly successful in life in the form of a business or job contributes to better future prospects for themselves through more income and less hunger & malnutrition of themselves and their loved ones.
  •  Young people who are trained become part of a network (YSENG).
  • Yepafrica uses the SDGs as the starting point for its strategy. Where SDGs 1, 4 and 8 are the spearhead in the intended results. The initiatives stemming from the YSENG network and from the participants themselves are always founded on achieving sustainability. The training programmes interweave the SDGs, and in the Agrifood training programme, sustainable agriculture is a programme component. For this, the connection with a University has already been established.
  • At Yepafrica we train the youth on topics like Operational management, sector expertise, skills enhancement, leadership & communication, training and coaching, problem solving, team management and at the same time, we are developing more training content to keep up with the pace of educational advancement.

The Yepafrica Ghana has successfully established a board comprising, Munnira Sheikh as the Chairperson and other members in good standing to support the ambition.


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