Project Update; Horticulture Business Challenge Closing Ceremony


Project Update; Horticulture Business Challenge Closing Ceremony

GNBCC is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the maiden edition of the Horticulture Business Challenge (HBC). The HBC, a 10-day program, aims to equip tertiary students and young professionals with the relevant skills and opportunities needed to thrive in their careers within the horticulture sector. A notable feature of the HBC is its emphasis on teamwork, where participants collaborate to identify feasible solutions to real-life business challenges. This fosters critical thinking, innovation, and the practical application of theoretical knowledge.

Organized from the 3rd to the 12th of November in Accra, the program commenced with training sessions and team exercises covering email etiquette, pitching skills, networking in professional settings, and building a strong online professional brand. Through Belbin's test, participants gained insights into their strengths and weaknesses within a team, enhancing their ability to complement each other effectively.

The subsequent day included a visit to Holland Greentech for practical training sessions, introducing participants to hydroponics, sustainable cultivation techniques, and best farming practices by Defarmercist. The day concluded with a visit to a greenhouse farm owned by Farmer Nii.

In the following days, teams visited participating companies, Eden Tree Limited and Farm Estates Limited, to grasp the context of their business challenges and work on their solutions. The program also featured sessions with established entrepreneurs, providing participants with opportunities to network and draw inspiration from their journey and success stories. Additionally, an online session with experts from PUM introduced participants to the Dutch horticulture landscape.

Throughout the program, dedicated coaches were available to help participants navigate team dynamics and provide guidance on crafting effective solutions and professional development.

On Friday, the 10th of November, the teams presented their solutions to the business cases of Eden Tree Limited and Farm Estates Limited. The presentations were evaluated by a jury comprising Ileen Wilke (IDFC), Cecilia Gyimah (MDF), and Jemima Rockson (GNBCC), who scored based on feasibility, innovation and impact, stakeholders, and presentation skills. Congratulations to Team Green Harvest Innovators (Rebecca Siameh, Benjamin Bannor, and Ewurama Appiah) for emerging as the winners of the first-ever Horticulture Business Challenge.

The HBC concluded with a visit to Blue Skies Company Limited, allowing participants to witness a horticulture value chain company in action. The day began with a visit to Farmer Billy’s pineapple farm and was followed by a presentation by Alistair Djimatey, which highlighted the importance of value addition and encouraged participants to explore opportunities and careers within the sector.

Initiatives like the HBC bridge the gap between academia and industry, ensuring participants are well-prepared for the demands of the horticulture sector upon graduation. Programs such as these also inspire entrepreneurship, contributing not only to the individual growth of participants but also to the overall development and sustainability of the horticulture industry.

A heartfelt thank you goes to all stakeholders who made the HBC possible, including Holland Greentech for managing the session on practical skills, partner universities (Central University, University of Ghana, Kwadaso Agric College, and Ho Technical University), and Eden Tree Limited and Farm Estates Limited for entrusting participants with your business challenges. Special thanks to the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana for supporting this event. To our coaches, Joana Chemel and Susanne Roelofsen, thank you for coming along this journey and sharing your expertise and knowledge with us. To our participants, this achievement would not have been possible without your dedication. Congratulations on emerging as the 12 finalists out of over 120 applicants.

For organizations seeking to hire young talents, GNBCC has a pool of qualified professionals to recommend. Please reach out to the Project Manager via for such recommendations or for more information about the HBC.


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