Introducing GNBCC New Member: Trisolace Farms


Introducing GNBCC New Member: Trisolace Farms

Trisolace Company Limited is a pioneering agricultural enterprise based in Ghana, committed to fostering sustainable growth in the agricultural sector. Our flagship products, growing snails in urban and peri urban settings using modified snails greenhouses and other structures and Agricgate, which is an innovative platform designed to provide free educational resources, market insights, and networking opportunities in local dialects, ensuring accessibility for all farmers. Additionally, our platform offers a retail e-commerce marketplace for convenient market access.

With a team of 29 dedicated employees, Trisolace is actively seeking partnerships and markets to expand our impact and empower farmers across Ghana.

We eagerly anticipate collaborating with partners who share our commitment to transforming agriculture and empowering farmers.

Felix Nyarko Appiah (ING)

Trisolace Company Limited | Agricgate Edutech

+233(303)956125 | +233249234809 | 0244082679(Felix) / |

|G231 Tingatinga Street, Dansoman.

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