GNBCC Member announcement


GNBCC Member announcement

Dear GNBCC Members ,

Hereby we inform that on 09-05-2024  all Members in good standing where invited for our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) which will be held on Thursday 30-05-2024. You have been sent the official AGM notice, the audited accounts of 2024, the minutes of the AGM held last year (06-07-2023) and a proxy when you are not able to attend on 30-05-2024.

On 17-05-2024 you have been sent GNBCC’s Management Report January 2023- December 2023 plus again the proxy in case you cannot attend plus a link to confirm your attendance.

If you have not received the above documents and you are a Member in good standing, please alert GNBCC’s GM at


Kind regards

Tjalling Y. Wiarda

General Manager GNBCC

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