Company Visit; Eden Tree


Company Visit; Eden Tree

On the 29th of May, Naana Biney Ohemeng and Benjamin Eyram Agamah from our team visited Madam Catherine Krobo Edusei, CEO of Eden Tree Limited, as part of the GNBCC Member Visit initiative aimed at enhancing engagement and developing stronger connections with members.

The team took the opportunity to officially welcome her as a new member and to explore how to make her membership exceptional. They sought her feedback on her experience with GNBCC so far.

Madam Catherine explained that although she is now officially joining GNBCC, she has had numerous positive involvements with the organization, which influenced her decision to become a member. She mentioned that there are only a few organizations in Ghana dedicated to promoting the horticulture sector, and with GNBCC being a major contributor to this cause, it gives her a great satisfaction to be affiliated with us.

During the discussions, Madam Catherine expressed a strong desire to give back by sharing her knowledge and experiences with emerging entrepreneurs through GNBCC’s workshops and training sessions. She added that this would be a meaningful way for GNBCC to also benefit from her membership.

A highlight of the visit was the team meeting Benjamin Bannor, winner of GNBCC’s Horticulture Business Challenge, currently employed at Eden Tree Ltd. This encounter was pleasing as it showed the tangible, positive impact of GNBCC’s programs on its participants and members.

The visit ended on a promising note, with Madam Catherine expressing enthusiasm for her new membership and eagerness to benefit from and contribute to GNBCC’s initiatives.

 About Eden Tree LTD

Eden Tree was incorporated in 1997. Since its inception, the company has upheld a philosophy of quality and excellence at all costs. Eden Tree grows its products with a strong focus on consumer health, safety, and environmental sustainability. Their products are sourced from their own farms in the Volta and Eastern regions of Ghana, as well as from a select group of exceptionally trained out growers.

Eden Tree is a leading producer and distributor of high-end fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs in Ghana. Their mission is to promote healthy eating habits across the country by producing, packaging, and supplying high-quality vegetables, fruits, and herbs to the Ghanaian market.

For more details please visit their website here.


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