Dutch Export Academy: Project Update


Dutch Export Academy: Project Update

Last week, the Dutch Export Academy (DEA) team and participants engaged in the second week of the program with insightful field visits on 29th June 2024 and Thursday, 30th May 2024. These visits provided practical exposure and valuable insights into the logistics and horticulture sectors in Ghana.

Wednesday: Visit to Meridian Port Services (MPS)

On Wednesday, the group visited Meridian Port Services (MPS) in Tema, a leading shipping company in Ghana that specializes in container terminal operations, including stevedoring container vessels and managing the receipt and delivery of containers.

The group was warmly welcomed by Charles Osafo and Leonora Amakuor Akpey, who shared the story of MPS, detailed their services, and provided logistical knowledge and tips on exporting to different countries. Participants were then given a tour of the new MPS Terminal to see firsthand how products and containers are transported out of the country. This visit offered participants an opportunity to seek advice on horticulture export, a growing sector in Ghana's export market.

Thursday: Visit to Blue Skies and Billie Farms

On Thursday, the group visited Blue Skies, where they were welcomed by Alistair Djimatey, the Public Affairs Manager, and his team. The visit began with a trip to Billie Farms, a pineapple farm in the Eastern Region. The farm manager provided an in-depth tour of the farming processes, best practices, input methods, fertilization, and pricing strategies. This session was particularly valuable to the participants, all of whom are involved in the horticulture sector. They engaged in personal discussions based on their own experiences as producers and processors.

After the farm tour, the group moved to the Blue Skies factory for a comprehensive tour. They learned about the factory’s best practices and processes, which spurred further questions and interaction. The visit concluded with a tasting session, where participants enjoyed some of Blue Skies’ products.

These field visits were instrumental in providing the participants with practical insights and direct advice from industry experts, significantly enhancing their understanding and capabilities in the horticulture export sector.

We look forward to continuing this impactful journey with the upcoming sessions, as we strive to equip our participants with the knowledge and tools needed for success in the global market.


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