NDC condemns Police actions against Occupy Jubilee House protesters


NDC condemns Police actions against Occupy Jubilee House protesters

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has expressed disappointment and concern over the reported use of excessive force against protesters participating in the abortive Occupy Jubilee House demonstration in the early hours of today.

In a press release issued by the NDC's General Secretary, Fifi Fiavi Kwetey, the party conveyed its sadness at the use of such aggressive tactics by the Police. 

The NDC deems this display of brute force as contradictory to the ongoing transformation efforts by the Inspector General of Police (IGP)to elevate the Ghana Police Service into a leading institution.

The party said it found it regrettable that the police would resort to violence and curtailment of human rights as a means to address grievances.

Reflecting on Ghana's 31-year democratic journey, the NDC expressed dismay that more peaceful avenues were not sought to address the concerns raised by the protesters. The party views this incident as a significant regression for Ghana's democracy.

The NDC further called on the police to employ professional and judicious methods in handling such situations and called for the prompt release of those who have been detained in connection to the protest.

In a show of solidarity, the NDC extended empathy to protesters who have sustained injuries or been taken into custody by the police. 

The party urged all progressive factions to stand together with the NDC in providing legal and other forms of support to those affected by the police actions.

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