Project Update; Horticulture Business Challenge


Project Update; Horticulture Business Challenge

GNBCC is delighted to announce the Kick-Off of its newest project, the Horticulture Business Challenge (HBC), which occurred on Wednesday, 18th of October 2023 at Alliance Française d’Accra. This Kick-off event marks the beginning of a 10-day exciting initiative aimed at equipping and nurturing students and recent graduates with the skills and opportunities necessary to excel in the horticulture sector.

The HBC’s call for applications received an overwhelming response, with over 120 applications pouring in from eager individuals across Ghana. Following a rigorous selection process, 50 applicants were invited for online interviews, which resulted in the selection of 30 candidates for the HBC Kick-Off Event. The Kick-off served as the official launch of the HBC and the selection of the final 12 participants who would move forward to the main 10-day event scheduled for November 3rd to November 12th.

During the Kick-off, participants were introduced to the many opportunities for the youth within the horticulture sector. Beginning with a welcome address by Tjalling Wiarda, General Manager of GNBCC, followed by an insight into the Netherlands Embassy’s initiatives in the sector by Ousmane Macalou, Policy Officer Private Sector Development at the Netherlands Embassy in Accra. Afterwards, Paul Anartey from the Ghana Food Movement (GFM) shed light on GFM’s programs which focus on skills development for the youth, particularly the Youth in Food program. Deborah Anobil from Holland GreenTech (HGT) also shared HGT’s many initiatives within the sector. These insights were invaluable, inspiring and encouraging participants to pursue careers and opportunities presented by the sector.

The second half of the day focused on teamwork, critical thinking, and problem-solving, where participants were tasked to work in teams and present their preliminary solutions to the business cases of Farm Estates Ltd., a start-up operating an indoor vertical hydroponics farm in an AI-controlled pesticide-free environment, and Eden Tree Ltd., leading producer and distributor of high-end fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs in Ghana. Participants were compelled to showcase their creativity and problem-solving prowess. Based on these very good presentations, the final 12 participants were selected to advance to the 10-day HBC program in November.

The upcoming HBC program promises to be an enriching experience for these talented individuals, with a comprehensive program that includes workshops on Practical Horticulture Skills, Soft Skills and Digital Skills, Pitching and Presentation Skills, Idea generation, Brainstorming, and team building. Additionally, participants will benefit from coaching sessions, network with seasoned professionals in the horticulture space, visit horticulture value chain companies, and delve deeper in providing innovative solutions to business challenges of Farm Estates Ltd. and Eden Tree Ltd.

The HBC kick-off was a success, setting the stage for an inspiring and educational 10-day journey for the selected participants. We are thankful to our HBC coaches, Joana Chemel and Susanne Roelofsen for moderating this event and look forward to an exciting HBC in November.


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