West Africa Agrofood Fair 2022 openings speech General Manager GNBCC


Dear Honourables, invited guests, participants and visitors of the Agrofood Fair West Africa , all protocols observed

We as GNBCC are happy to be involved in the 7th edition of this trade show where we are present with our own Dutch pavilion. First of all, we want to thank the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for financially supporting the pavilion.

Secondly, I would want to introduce the participants in our pavilion:


  1. African Tiger Holding: the company portfolio of African Tiger consists ao out of IWAD Ghana Ltd (Integrated Water and Agriculture Development) , ITFC – Integrated Tamale Fruit Company  as well as the Cocoa Abrabopa Association (CAA) : www.african-tiger.com
  2. Cluster Farming Holding Ltd: they own a hub farm in Ekrawfo, Ekumfi District which consists of a catfish hatchery and breeding ponds and a layer chick hatchery and feed mill (under construction). Cluster farming wants to create a farmers cooperative where they train, council and assist satellite farmers. : www.clusterfarming.org
  3. Holland Greentec Ghana: the next step in African horticulture=> they offer an integrated portfolio of the best horticulture products and services with Dutch knowledge, skills and technology: www.hollandgreentech.com
  4. Maridav Ghana Ltd; they produce and supply top quality therapeutic and nutritional products for both animal and human health. They are the country reps for DSM nutritional products, Cidlines, Biomin and Zoetis: www.maridav.com
  5. MIqdadi Ghana Ltd: is the local partner of Simonis Fertilizers from the Netherlands and a subsidiary of Agrimatco Ltd. Their areas of activity include crop protection, specialty fertilizers, seeds , veterinary products, agrochemicals and farm tools: www.miqdadi-ghana.com
  6. Solidaridad West Africa: they promote sustainable production, inclusivity and agricultural service provision for SME’s . They also work in market integration for smallholders, food security and nutrition, climate responsiveness and community development. www.solidaridadnetwork.org
  7. GNBCC – one of the biggest bi-lateral chambers of commerce in Ghana with almost 100 members . Our main project is the Private Sector Development project which we execute for the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands  targeting  the agribusiness community – foremost the companies in horticulture and cocoa with focus on access to finance, skills training and enabling environment

I hope we can welcome you at our Netherlands Pavilion where you can find all our participants! It’s the one with the logo’s of our Embassy (Ghana – Netherlands together) and the GNBCC logo against an orange background.


Thank you!


Tjalling Wiarda,

General Manager GNBCC

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