Government to spend GH¢1 million on removal of Tema Motorway tollbooths


Government to spend GH¢1 million on removal of Tema Motorway tollbooths

The Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) has initiated a GH¢1 million project to partially decommission the tollbooth structures on the Accra-Tema Motorway. This endeavor aims to enhance road safety and alleviate traffic congestion in the area.

As part of this project, the primary tollbooths, two on each side, located on the main motorway inner lane, will be demolished. However, the additional booths situated outside the main lanes, which were initially added to ease traffic congestion, will remain unaffected.

Concrete slabs on which the tollbooths were positioned will also be dismantled to ensure the thorough removal of the structures. The abandoned tollbooths have posed safety hazards and witnessed accidents in recent times, with a recent incident resulting in a fatality.

Complaints from the public regarding the visibility of the abandoned tollbooths, particularly at night due to the absence of proper lighting or defective reflectors, have prompted this action.

The Director of Road Safety and Environment at the GHA, Joseph Atsu Amedzake, confirmed that preparations are underway for the partial removal of the tollbooths to enhance commuting conditions. He added that resources, equipment, and personnel are being mobilized to expedite the project.

To ensure safety during the removal process, three lanes housing the tollbooths have been cordoned off. Reflective cones have been placed within the cordoned area to warn motorists about lane closures.

Mr. Amedzake also disclosed that solar-powered streetlights will be installed at both the Tema and Accra ends of the tollbooths to address safety concerns during the transitional period while a permanent lighting solution is being considered for the entire motorway.

Additionally, patching works will commence to address the depressed areas along the motorway, which have been a major cause of traffic congestion and safety concerns for commuters.

Mr. Amedzake urged motorists and commuters to exercise caution when using the affected sections of the motorway and adhere to speed limits to prevent accidents. This initiative aims to improve road safety and enhance the overall travel experience for commuters.

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